A Family Reunion At The Ranch

Woof, woof! Hi there, it’s me Riley and I’m back again to tell you about my fantastic weekend! You’ll never believe it when I tell you, but 28 people showed up here at the ranch for a whole 4 days for their family reunion! Let me tell you all about the amazing time we had this weekend! They showed up here at all different times but every person was happy and ready to have fun. The aunts, uncles, moms, dads, grandma, and grandpa, they all were so excited to be here and catch up! Except the teenagers, the whole family had to leave their phones in a box at the door when they got here unless there was an emergency situation. They loved Boss’ idea of connecting by disconnecting! Not everyone does that, but this family was ready to have fun.

Grandpa was excited to watch the football game on the TV and even do some fishing at the pond while Grandma was excited to make the best meals in the kitchen! They all smelled so wonderful! The kids and I ran outside, we chased each other round and round until we were so tuckered out we just fell right down. Grandpa wanted to take them fishing before they played football, croquet, and many other fun outside games. During the evenings, they would all sit around the fire outside. The teenagers started coming around and even brought out their guitars and instruments. Everyone sat around playing music, singing, laughing.

Grandma had tears in her eyes when she finished baking the desert and saw everyone sitting around having a good time. She was so happy she even offered me some pie! But I don’t eat people food. This whole weekend has been fantastic for the family. It made me miss my family though and I cannot wait to get a letter from my Paw-Pal Macy! We have families come here all the time. They get to make memories, enjoy each other’s company and reconnect. I hope that you will make the decision to come see us here on the ranch too! We love having families here and have room for everyone. Play your guitars, do some fishing, bake your pies, reconnect and have the best family fun time! I’ll be here waiting for your arrival.

Until next time,

Woof, Woof!

P.S.  Boss has just the best deal going on right now, stay 3 nights and get the 4th night free!