Group Lodging Checklist & Tips For Choosing the Perfect Location

group lodge and retreat centerPeople gather together for many different reasons.  For work, for play or to reconnect with loved ones; regardless of why you gather, picking just the right place for a group to stay can be a daunting task.  Here’s our top tips and a group lodging checklist to help you choose the best retreat center or group lodge.

#1 – Do you want bedrooms or bunkrooms?

Depending on what type of group you’re needing to find a gathering location for, will determine what type of sleeping arrangements you want.  For professional and business groups, private bedrooms are more desirable.  Yes, you want employees to connect, but as adults, sharing sleeping quarters can feel awkward.  For church groups, families and groups of friends, bunkrooms can be a great option.  Often, kids end up “piled high” all together in bunkrooms.  Even as adults, bunkrooms can be a fun way to spur late night conversations.

TIP:  For larger groups, make one bunkroom the early risers room and another the night owl room.  This way differing sleeping habits don’t put a damper on fun times.

#2 – Cook together or cater in?

In a home, the kitchen is the place where everyone gathers.  During a retreat or family reunion, cooking together is a great way to bond.  Whether it’s over a grill or flipping pancakes, cooking tends to promote conversation.  Food is a great common ground, for even the most introverted individuals.  If you’re group is all about business, and your stay together is for getting business done, then catering may be a less time consuming option. When a trip is all business, not about rejuvenating or connecting, save time with planning each meal with a local catering company.

TIP:  When looking for caterers, ask your retreat center for recommendations.  They will be your best source for good food.  If you’re thinking of cooking your own meals, divide out meals to different small groups within your group.  It’s a fun way for everyone to show off their best dishes.

#3 – Activities and lodging in one place or nearby?

Will your group want to leave the grounds of where they’re staying or would you like everyone to stay relatively together?  Once you answer this question, you can narrow down the type of group lodging that will best suit your needs.  Some facilities offer a more inclusive resort feel and some allow you to be the only group on property with the complete facility to yourself.  To make this decision, you really need to know the interests of the people in your group.

TIP:  Group surveys are a great way to narrow down what interests the group may have.  You can build formal surveys with a program like Survey Monkey or put together questions in an email and send it out yourself.

img_2643We’ve given you our top three checklist items for choosing the perfect group lodging, and tips to help accomplish the task of picking the perfect place to stay.  Choosing a private lodge and retreat center like the White Buffalo Ranch can meet most group’s needs.  We offer both private bedrooms and bunkroom options.  Our large commercial kitchen is perfect for cooking together as a group.  You’ll also find a great outdoor kitchen under our covered patio.  You can lounge around the outdoor fireplace while grilling up a feast.  If you’d prefer to leave the cooking to someone else, we are happy to provide you with a list of local caterers too.

With our midwestern location in central Missouri, you are close to many fun activities.  The day-trip options are endless from Branson, MO to Fort Lenard Wood.  Bennett Springs is close by for great fishing and exploring. River float trips are also just down the road.  If you’d prefer to stay on property you’ll find a new in-ground pool with slide, ponds and lakes for fishing or kayaking and over 800 acres with trails to explore.  We offer ranch tours of our working Cattle Ranch too.

We’d love to help you make choosing the perfect location for your group easy!  Call us today and we’ll answer all your questions, go over rates and all our group amenities.  Whether for business, family get togethers or reuniting with friends, you’ll love The White Buffalo Ranch.  (417) 532-2927

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