Summer On The Ranch

Its been a busy summer here on the ranch.  I’ve met lots of new friends that came to stay.  We’ve hosted family reunions, groups of friends and a group that had lots of meetings.  Boss man said they were discussing business.

Everyone seemed to have a great time splashing in our brand new inground pool!  We even had one little boy that learned to swim here at the ranch… everyone was so excited!!  Fishing in our ponds was lots of fun for our guests too.  I love it when people go fishing, I get to come along sometimes.  The fishing here must be pretty good because boy do I hear a lot of whooping and hollering.  It’s really fun to watch families have contests to see who catches the biggest fish.

The animals here on the ranch have been busy too!  We had a surprise, a calf was born earlier this summer.  Calves are not born very often in the summer, but its super exciting anytime a new one is born.  The ranch hands keep a close eye on our calves to make sure they’re healthy. I like to supervise whenever work is being done in the pastures, that’s my job after all!

As summer comes to an end, it’s getting close to hunting time.  Turkey and deer hunters come in big groups to the ranch.  They get up early to go hunting and them come back to sit by the outdoor fireplace and share their stories!

Well, that all I have time to share right now.  I gotta get back to work!