Meet Riley


Me as a puppy.

Hi, my name is Riley!  I live here on the White Buffalo Ranch and boy, oh boy is it the greatest! I didn’t always live here though. Before I moved to Missouri I lived on a cattle ranch in Wisconsin. That’s where I was born and this lovely family, the Blesers, adopted me to be their pet. One day they took me out to where the cattle were; It didn’t take long for us to become friends. Our friendship is what helped me become a great working cattle dog. I get to herd the cattle and run all about with them all over the ranch. The best days are when I get to see the calves but that’s a story for another day.

Today’s story is all about my adventure to Missouri and where we live now.  But, before we can talk about my home here on the farm in Missouri I must take you back to where I came from.  Before coming to Missouri I lived on a farm about 8 hours from here.  The family that I lived with own both farms and I joined the family because Boss’ (I call farm owner Bob Bleser Boss) mom and dad thought the Bleser girls needed a dog of their own and they brought me home from a cattle barn.  I sure love those girls and they’re so fun to run around with when they visit the farm.

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Me and my best buddy Macy.

When I first joined the Wisconsin farm the old farm dog Macy was the one who showed me all around.  Macy had been a farm dog for a long time and knew just what to do.  I’m sure glad I had her around to teach me what I needed to know.  When Boss decided to start up another farm here in Missouri it was my turn to be the top dog!  Its hard work… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Macy and I stay in touch by writing letters to each other.  People call it pen-pals, so I guess that would make us paw-pals.

I’ve pretty much gotten the day to day work down now, but some days are extra special on the ranch. Most days it’s work, work, work but other days’ people come to visit the ranch. Those days are my favorite because I get to meet all kinds of new people. I am very friendly, you see. I love all types of people. Especially kids, they have just as much energy as I do!

I have my own place to sleep at night so I won’t have to share a room with you. I hear people say that there are plenty of rooms to sleep in and even more beds! That means you can bring your whole family and we can all run and play together. But while I am working with the cattle and the other great stuff I get to do, there are plenty of great things for you and your family to do.


I love when kids visit the ranch.

Do you like to fish? We have places for you to fish here on the ranch! What about swimming? Families love splashing in our in-ground pool.  What about kayaking? Because we have those too! To add onto all that already cool stuff we have a putting green and croquet set. Sometimes I hear families talking about all the fun stuff to do inside too; like a pool table, movies, game tables which include board games, and even a conference room if you are a business man or woman. Most everyone who comes here falls in love with The White Buffalo Ranch!

My family still lives in Wisconsin but there are some great ranch hands here. Schelmo and John take very good care of me, the cattle, other animals and they’ll take very good care of you when you come to visit too! I don’t need a tour of the ranch because I already know this place but if you want to be shown around the ranch and see all the cool stuff here like the alpacas, the calves and the cattle then they are who you need to talk to. They’ll give you a great tour of the ranch.

facebook-icon-1I love when new people come here and visit! If you’ve been here before then you know what I’m talking about when I say that the ranch is just the greatest! If you haven’t been here before well then I invite you to come out to the ranch and see what all we have to offer! You can contact my family about coming to stay here. Make sure to check back for my next blog to hear more about what I get to do on the best place to call home; The White Buffalo Ranch.

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